How to live better when you are hypersensitive ! :)

Dear soft-hearted people,

Have you burst into tears when Mufasa dies in The Lion King? Do you live conflicts of daily life such as drama? Do you feel like winning the lottery when someone you care makes you a love declaration or just a compliment? Is your heart hurt every time you hear bad news in the world? Do you cry for months when a jerk or a bitch dumps you? If so, there is no longer any doubt, you are a hypersensitive person or a sensitive soul if you prefer. Don’t worry, there is no shame to have, I am oversensitive too. Rather than seeing your hypersensitivity as an infamous plague, what would you say about finding solutions to live it better? Ok, you’re in? Here are 16 tips to help you overcome your overflow of emotion!

1. Stop believing that you have a problem! Don’t see your hypersensitivity as a burden but as a gift! Better feeling too many emotions than nothing. It’s rather insensitive people who have a problem! no problem 2. Learn how to protect yourself! You cannot change the world but you can adapt yourself to it and to people you meet. Pay attention to what you do, be careful where you go and choose well your friendly and professional relations. Protect yourself from all things, situations or people that might upset you. Avoid stressful and competitive environments if you can. This will allow you to preserve your energy and your morale! protect-yourself 3. See the good sides of your hypersensitivity and use them as forces! Let’s find some advantages of being sensitive. You are empathic so you show a lot of compassion for others, you can understand how they feel. So people trust you and don’t hesitate to tell you their secrets, isn’t that fantastic? You also have a very developed intuition and great analytical skills. It’s always useful to get out of certain situations, don’t you think? Plus, thanks to your creativity and your boundless imagination, you probably have artistic talents, gifts for writing and creations of any kind…not to mention a particular world view! Additionally, your kindness and your generosity encourage you to help people and fight injustice, that’s what heroes do! What else? You are a firework of intense positive or negative emotions so people don’t get bored with you! Finally, you are quite good at self-checking attitude which is important to move forward in life and develop your learning skills… sensitivity strength

4. Learn to relax and release the pressure! You need to clear your mind regularly: go to the swimming pool, go for a walk in a park, play music, draw, paint…find a soothing activity which will occupy your spirit! relax beach

5. Accept the situation! It came for a reason! It takes all sorts to make a world and the world needs sensitive people in many jobs, whether in medical, social, artistic or creative fields. I’m sure there is a suitable position to your sensitive qualities! accept it

6. Have more confidence in yourself! Be positive and learn to live with your hypersensitivity. It is part of who you are. Nobody asks you to erase it, you just need to learn to control it! Trust me, you can do it… be confident

7. Progress step by step and ask for the support of those around you! Start with a small step: for example, let people express themselves to the end before reacting. And be patient, emotion management is not an easy task, you have to work on it. Talk about your approach to your family, your friends or your other half, they will motivate you and help you to move forward! Begining-Steps-People-Quote

keep calm ask for support

8. Tell people about your hypersensitivity and don’t be offended if they don’t take it into account! At least they will know what to expect and may stop reflections like “Don’t be so susceptible!” which have the best chance of upsetting you even more! I'm sensitive

9. Use humor! Show your charming and funny side! Don’t hesitate to joke, it will allow you to relax the situation and take things more lightly. Indeed, it’s often by taking things too seriously that you aggravate the situation… Now you will know how to react! humor

10. Apply non-violent communication! If you have someone to blame, criticize his behavior, do not criticize the person. And start your sentences with “I” instead of “You”. Express how you feel about his attitude instead of bombarding him with aggressive reproaches. Say “I’m disappointed that you didn’t do the cleaning, I thought we had a schedule!” instead of “You piss me off! You are a pig, you never clean and it was your turn to do it!”. You know what I mean… nonviolent communication

11. Be tolerant and accept differences in perceptions of others! Everyone has not the same sensitivity than you. What you take for an affront may well have been said to tease you, with no intention to hurt you. However, don’t hesitate to tell people when they go beyond the limits. The goal is not to let people insult you, of course! tolerance

12. Let it go! Release the pressure, do not get eaten by the situation! Expel your feelings, don’t keep them inside you. It doesn’t matter if you lose control for a moment, you will feel better after. let it go 12. Set limits on those who take advantage of your hypersensitivity! Stay away from people who don’t respect your sensitivity and always put the blame on you. The same goes for those who mock your sensitive side. Don’t waste your energy with them! People who really love you will have a fairer dialogue with you, they will know how to talk to you and challenge themselves if necessary… set limits

13. Beware of manipulative people! Their favourite victims are sensitive people like you! Don’t fall in their trap and trust your intuition to get you out of this unpleasant situation. Be strong and do not let emotions take over you! not your puppet

14. Don’t toughen up too much! Stay true to yourself! Don’t let your golden heart turn into a heart of stone. Stay true to your values and continue to work for a better world. Kindness is not a weakness but a gift, ok? Your sensitivity makes you charming, never lose it! heart of stone

15. Stop blaming yourself! Stop carrying the weight of the world on your frail shoulders! You’re not responsible for all the misfortunes of the Earth. And don’t feel guilty when you are carried away by your emotions. You’re not a robot or a crazy person, you are just passionate and that’s ok! Nobody is perfect. If you accept people as they are, they must accept you as you are, it’s give and take! not your fault

16. Stop absorbing emotions of others! You have already too many emotions in you, do not encumber yourself with the emotions of others, you are not a sponge! Learn to manage your own emotions before worrying about others. You will live more peacefully, I promise. I don’t ask you to stop caring about people, I just want you to understand that everyone is the master of his emotions. Feelings of others do not belong to you and that’s good! absorbing emotions

Hope these 16 tips will help you to manage your emotions in a better way. Don’t hesitate to give your opinion in the comment field! xoxo 🙂


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