How to find inspiration to write ! :)

Dear aspiring writers,

Whether you are novelists, poets, songwriters, journalists, bloggers or just writing enthusiasts, you have all faced at one time or another, a lack of inspiration, the famous blank page syndrome! Don’t worry, I’ve been there too. Yesterday, I already wrote my sixtieth article. 60 articles is a lot, knowing that I write one post per day and I started my blog on February 1st, 2 months ago to the day! I felt both excited (“Wow, I can’t believe I have written so many articles!”) and worried (“Oh my god, how am I going to find new ideas every day? Have I been too ambitious?”). Never mind, I am a warrior and this is a project dear to my heart, it is out of question that I give up! What is magical about a general blog is that you can write about anything. I had no clue about what I was going to write this morning and all of a sudden, inspiration began ringing in my head:”What about writing a topic about the lack of inspiration?”, isn’t that brilliant? I think this post will be useful to writers of all kinds, even the students who are working on a writing essay! Here are 25 tips to help you get inspired…

1. Keep yourself informed with the news! Know what is happening in the world! It will allow you to expand your horizons. When you don’t know what to write, it’s always good to learn about national or world days, new laws, different customs and so on. News are a real gold mine of inspiration so turn on the TV, listen to the radio, read the newspapers and follow the news online! This is a good way to expand your general knowledge as well.


2. Go and see what’s being said on the social networks and the other blogs! Like this, you will be aware of the latest trends and get a better idea of what people like and dislike…


3. Write down your ideas in a notebook! This is the best way to remember your thoughts. Note anything that comes into your head, you will do the sorting later!

notebook ideas

4. Make a list of all the topics you find interesting at the moment! Thanks to this list, you will have a reserve of article ideas for days when you lack inspiration…

blog topics

5. Open your eyes and your ears! A phrase heard in the street, an original poster, a prospectus, a song and so on, all these different elements can be a source of inspiration so remain attentive to what is going on around you!

eyes and ears open

6. Get out for some fresh air! This is excellent to clear your mind and re-oxygenate your brain. Go for a walk and you will be ready for a fresh start!

fresh air

7. Take the plunge and refine your introduction! Spontaneously write what comes to your mind, you will be surprised with the results once you started! Look beyond the first sentence and the rest will follow by itself, trust me. It is important to have a good introduction because this is what will determine the body of your article and draw the attention of your readers!

keep calm take the plunge

8. Take a break! When you feel that your ideas are blocked, it’s time to stop and disconnect for a moment. Don’t forget to save your work of course! Hydrate yourself, have a snack, just relax and go back to your writing when your batteries are recharged.

break garfield

9. Don’t be afraid to get bored! Get some rest and refuge yourself in a quiet area. Stay a while without doing anything then start to think about what you could do, ideas will come back naturally!


10. Discuss with your entourage! It’s always interesting to have different opinions. You don’t have to speak of your writing, you can talk about this and that, just be spontaneous. At one time or another, eventually someone will say something inspiring, you never know. And even if you don’t get your inspirational idea, at least you will have a great time with your mates!

HIMYM talk

11. Write on a computer! It’s cleaner, clearer, faster and you avoid erasures! It also allows you to take the plunge more easily. Isn’t that wonderful?

write on computer

12. Read! Reading is a good way to improve your spelling, escape and develop your imagination. Books, novels, short stories, magazines or newspapers, it’s up to you!

cat reading

13. Proofread and correct! Ask other people to proofread your text because when you proofread it for the umpteenth time, you no longer see your mistakes! Avoid long sentences and pay attention to redundancy…


14. Make a brainstorming! Before you start your text, take a piece of paper and write all the elements that seem related to your topic. Don’t hesitate to make a theme table to prioritize your ideas!


15. Write your keywords! I always think of all the keywords possible before writing my articles. It serves me as a reminder not to forget the important concepts to deal!


16. Write for passion, not obligation! Writing has to be a pleasure, not a constraint. You have to be sincere with the words you use. It’s a very personal activity because you give a lot of yourself, your writing is the reflection of your personality. Indeed, how we express ourselves says a lot about who we are! Think about your readers and try not to disappoint them. So forget impersonal texts, sloppy ones and papers written in a hurry!


17. Take your time! Choose the right words, words that speak to you and match you. Treat the turn of your sentences and use language appropriate to your audience! Don’t hesitate to make corrections. If you are satisfied with what you wrote, you won.

turtle computer

18. Ask yourself questions! Making your brain cogitate is the best way to boost your creativity and your writing. Stimulate your little gray cells, be curious and develop your thoughts, you will progress by leaps and bounds!

self questions

19. Draw on your own experience and in daily life! It’s always better when you write with your heart and talk about things you know. It will make your writing more authentic and you will find inspiration more easily!

writing is a way of life

20. Watch movies! Go to the cinema or pick a DVD, as you wish! Then write about films that moved you. It’s an excellent exercise to learn to give your opinion and express your emotions. Plus, quotes from movies are often inspiring. Don’t hesitate to create a repertoire with your favourite quotes, you will always be able to reuse them in an article or an essay!

write from watching movies

21. Attend shows! Plays, comedies, tragedies, one-man-shows and so on are good to clear your head and have a new vision of the world. Write reviews about your outings to the theater. As well as for movies, it will teach you to express yourself more easily!

theatre review

22. Go to exhibitions! You will be able to discover new things and be more open to art and to the world. Once again, writing about the exhibitions you saw will allow you to have a critical eye on your cultural outings!

learn something new

23. Dream! Even at night, our brain works and imagination is bubbling through our dreams. Take the habit of writing your dreams in a booklet when you wake up. It surely will be the basis for new ideas!


24. Illustrate your ideas! Whether it be pictures or examples, it will always give more impact to your text and this will teach you to write in an argued way…

illustrate your ideas

25. Make series of articles! Even if you have a general blog, don’t hesitate to create different categories to have recurring themes ideas. For example, every Friday I write a post about theme party! A category allows you to find topics more easily. Your turn to play!

Consistently Categorize your Blog using proper Labels

Hope these 25 tips will help you to find inspiration! Feel free to give your opinion or share your own tips in the comment field. Cheers 🙂


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