How to be happier in life ! ;)

Hello world!

I don’t know if it’s because of the Parisian climate, but we spend our time complaining and not enjoying life. This is so sad, don’t you think? Admit that it’s not easy to find happiness in these conditions! And yet…sometimes you just need a few small changes to brighten your life. Are you ready to reach happiness? If so, here are 27 tips to transform the greyness of your life in real sunshine. 27 tips is a lot but what do you want, happiness is priceless!

1. Decide to be happy! If you get put in the context of being happy, you will be more motivated to give you the means. This is not by telling ourselves that we are unhappy that things will work magically!

happiness is a choice

2. Stop dramatizing everything that happens to you! The trials of life make us stronger. Don’t take pleasure in misfortune and stop playing the victims! If a bad thing happens, it doesn’t mean that you are doomed…

life is not drama

3. Drive out negative thoughts! Being negative will only bog you more into depression. Play down the situation and see the bright side of things. Let’s take an example: a car almost hit you in the street but in the the end, you’re unharmed. More fear than harm! You’re still alive and healthy. Be thankful!


4. Be generous! It is scientifically proven, doing things for others makes you happy. From time to time, don’t hesitate to give a coin to the guitarist in the metro (come on, this one was singing and playing well for once!) or help a mum to down the stairs with her stroller. It’s always nice to feel useful!


5. Be aware of how lucky you are! Are you healthy? Do you have enough to eat? Do you have a social life? A love life? A home? This may seem normal for certain but not everyone has that chance. Think back to what you have already and relativize your problems. There are more unhappy people than you on Earth!


6. Be open to new ideas, expand your horizons! Be curious and try new things: a new recipe, a new bar, a new philosophy of life or whatever, new experiences are always instructive! By being open to the world, you will be more open to happiness. Create yourself new opportunities!

something new

7. Rejoice yourself in advance! Thinking of a nice future event (a party, a birthday, the return of a loved one and so on) always puts people in a good mood. Get used to rejoice the coming good times!

what brings you joy

8. Believe in the power of the blue color! Indeed, the blue color has a lot of positive meanings: dream, wisdom, serenity, truth, loyalty, freshness… It’s also the color of the sky, the sea or the water! Blue has a soothing side. Moreover, it’s one of my favourite colors!


9. Continue to set short, medium or long term objectives! Having goals in life helps you to move forward and to stay motivated. Plus, achieving your objectives can only make you happy! You got it, keep on making projects!

set goals

10. Get enough sleep! As you may have noticed, grumpy people often lack sleep. And the saying “Wake up on the wrong side of the bed” was not invented for nothing! Think to sleep at least 7 hours a night, you will be more relaxed and in a better mood in the morning…

sleep enough

11. Avoid too long journeys if possible! Whether by car or in public transport, it is difficult to remain calm during long journeys: fatigue, malaise or agressive behavior of other users, all this contributes to make us moody! During the holidays, plan several drivers or travel by train or plane for your own comfort…

are we there yet

12. Learn to recognize your true friends! Avoid those who bring you down, those who only think about their own interests or those who spend their time making unpleasant reflections. Get rid of these parasites and surround yourself with those who are happy to see you, those who are always in a good mood and those who are there for you even during hard times. Trust me, it will make your life happier!

true friends

13. Continue to have a social life! Plan outings with your different groups of friends once or twice a week, it will put you in a better mood. And thinking about good times is always exciting!

social life

14. Laugh at least once a day! Laughing is healthy and makes you forget your little worries. Call a friend, watch a funny video or a mini sketch on YouTube, go to the cinema to see a comedy or to the theater to see a one-man-show…there are plenty of ways to laugh! Don’t forget that smiling and laughing will also make you more attractive. What more could you ask for?


15. Act as if you were happy even when things go wrong! It will teach you to become stronger and more positive. This piece of advise only works for minor incidents of course. If a loved one has died, we will not ask you to do the dance of joy, it goes without saying…


16. Fall in love or cherish your relationship! It is well known, being in love make you more radiant, more beautiful and happy! If you are single, keep on smiling to life and open your eyes, your Soulmate could appear soon… If you are in a relationship, continue to love each other like the first day, do not let the flame die out!

let's fall in love

17. Pamper yourself, especially when you are not feeling well! Do not mistreat your body nor your mind. You will get better by taking care of yourself. Hot chocolate, bubble bath, manicure…spoil yourself, you’re worth it!


18. Do not run after perfection! This is the best way to screw you and get disappointed. Do your best, it will be bad enough! The key is to move forward, not to be perfect. According to me, there is nothing more annoying than perfection. Anyway, you will never reach it so keep cool!


19. Think about solutions instead of ruminating! It is useless to hurt you. Instead, try to find a way to get out of your trouble, it will be more efficient! Don’t let the situation dominate you, you are the master of your life, ok?


20. Enjoy all of your good times! You only live once. And think of good memories when you’re feeling blue to cheer you up!

happy moments

21. Listen to joyful music! It will give you strengths and energy. Happy is definitely one of my favourite hits!

happy music

22. Sing and dance! There is nothing better to let off steam and to be in a good mood again!

keep smiling

23. Don’t be afraid to ask for help but don’t be too dependent on others! You don’t have to be ashamed to ask for help but you also have to learn to stand on your own feet. It will be useful for days when you are on your own. Succeed in doing things by yourself is also part of happiness. Are you an independent person or not?


24. Don’t prioritize happiness, all the joys are good to take! Don’t neglect the little pleasures of life and be thankful when something good happens to you. It’s the best way to enjoy life!

remember happiness

25. Be active and stop being the passive spectator of your life! If you want your life to change, think about plans and actions. Happiness does not grow on trees, you have to work for it!

create happiness

26. Stop wanting to control everything, be more spontaneous! Put more lightness and fantasy in your life, don’t be uptight. Everything doesn’t need to be planned. Leave room for surprises and unexpected events, this is what makes the spice of life!

letting go

27. Stop being too hard on yourself and believe in yourself! If you are confident, you will have more chance to succeed in life and be happy. Everyone deserves happiness, including you, so believe in your lucky star!

believe happiness
Hope these 27 tips will help you to have a happier life! Don’t hesitate to give your opinion in the comment field. Hugs 🙂




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