How to organize an awesome Beach Party at home ! :)

Hello mates!

It’s week-end! Spring is back but summer still seems too far for you? You need holidays and you want to escape? What about organizing a beach party at home with your friends? Here are 10 tips for a successful beach party!

1. No need to wait for summer! If summer doesn’t come to you, bring it to your house and increase the heater if necessary!

bring on the summer

2. Prepare a barbecue and a seafood buffet! For those who don’t have a garden, electric barbecues exist. Steaks, sausages, brochettes, grilled vegetables, treat yourselves! For the seafood buffet, I thought about Hawaiian salad, seafood paella, shrimp cocktail, Saint Jacques shells au gratin and tagliatelli with surimi. Many other ideas are possible, be creative!

electric barbecue


Paëlla de poisson

cocktail de crevettes

coquilles saint jacques


3. Offer evocative desserts! Palm shape cookies (buy a packet of Palmito biscuits if you are lazy), fresh fruit brochettes (with or without chocolate sauce, as you wish), ice cream cones, popsicles, donuts, chouchous…choose what you like!


fresh fruit brochettesice cream cones




4. Open a festive cocktail bar! Mojitos, cosmopolitans, pina coladas, tequila sunrise, punch or other…you’re the barman! If you don’t know how to proceed, there are powder kits to prepare cocktails. Personally, I like the ones of Little extra brand…





punch with lime

5. Treat the decor! Start with decorating your cocktail glasses! Then decorate your living room with fishnets, sun loungers, beach towels, pareos, beach umbrellas if you can (if not, use some colored umbrellas!), buoys, inflatable mattresses, beach buckets, beach shovels, beach balls, starfish, shells… You can even create cardboard palm trees if you’re brave enough! Feel free to add sand if you want but think about the cleaning after! A sand-colored tablecloth on the floor can also do the trick, what do you think?


beach decor

6. Have fun with the dress code and don’t forget the accessories! Swimsuits, bikinis (if you’re fearless), swimming trunks, pareos, shorts, tank tops, halter tops, Hawaiian shirts, beach dresses, there are endless possibilities! For the feet: flip flops, sandals, tennis canvas shoes or bare feet, as you wish! For the accessories: sunscreen, autobronzant, sunglasses, buoy, mask, snorkel, flower necklace, straw hat, sunhat, beach bag, it’s up to you!

h & m beach

outfit beach

beach dress

outfit beach party men



7. Prepare a tropical playlist! Choose your favourite summer hits, put Hawaiian music, zouk, latin music or reggae, as you prefer! As long as it is reminiscent of the holiday, you win.

Beach-Party playlist

8. Reward the best costumes! Put some music, organize a défilé and elect the king and the queen of the beach, it will be fun! Think of symbolic gifts like after-sun lotion, a cap, a shirt or a beach bag, the goal is not to ruin you…

king and queen

sunshine award

9. Play games! Dance, do a limbo contest, organize a karaoke, challenge your friends!


10. Take pictures! Capture your mates in their beautiful beach clothes, you will have great memories…

crab camera

That’s it! Hope these 10 tips will allow you to have an amazing beach party! Have a nice week-end 🙂


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