How to make your morning routine smoother ! ;)

Hello people!

As you may have noticed, Parisian are known to be stressed and in a hurry, especially in the morning! Indeed, the routine “subway, work, sleep” is not always easy to live. I know that I have written many articles on the survival tips lately but this one seems essential to daily life. Plus, I remind you that the title of my blog is How to survive in Paris so this post is totally appropriate. Even if you are not Parisian, I’m sure it will be useful to you, regardless of where you live. Here are 15 tips to save time and stay zen in the morning, get ready!

1. Prepare your lunch box the night before! Make a salad, a pasta dish or use the leftover of your dinner. You can add a single portion of cheese, a yogurt or piece of fruit to complete your meal. Easy, healthy and quick to prepare! And don’t forget to get your lunch box in the fridge tomorrow!

lunch box

2. Prepare your clothes before bedtime! Outfit, undies, socks and shoes, everything must be ready! You will avoid the crisis of indecision in the morning…


3. Prepare your bag in advance! Put everything you need (wallet, tissues, notebook, folders, transport card and so on) to avoid unpleasant surprises. And think to add your phone, your USB cable and your charger in your bag when you get up!


4. Tidy your stuff in an accessible way and always at the same place! It will save you from having a panic attack by seeking your belongings everywhere…


5. Have a shower and wash your hair at night! It’s more pleasant to go to bed clean and fresh after a hard day at work, don’t you think? And your hair will have time to dry like this!


6. Cut your hair if it’s too long! This piece of advise is mainly for you girls! I don’t ask you to shave your head or to adopt a boyish cut, do not get me wrong. Just cut a few centimeters of hair, they will be in better condition and easier to untangle! Trust me, it will change your life…

cut hair

7. Think of the dry shampoo for days when you’re too lazy to wash your hair! A few pschitts and it makes life easier. Magic, isn’t it ?

dry shampoo

8. Shave in the evening! Boys and girls, not matter what you shave. You will avoid cuts in the morning due to rush and a rude awakening!


9. Learn to put your makeup quickly and well! Girls, train yourselves on weekends to put makeup without exceeding 10 minutes. With practice, you can be ready in 5 minutes! You don’t need to wear makeup like a stolen truck. A bit of mascara, a touch of eyeliner and colored lip balm are enough. Pull out all the stops for special occasions!


10. Prepare the breakfast table in advance! Put your glass, plate, mug and cutlery on the table, not to mention dry foods. It will make you save time and you won’t forget to have your breakfast like this!

breakfast table

11. Don’t put your alarm clock on snooze! It’s the insured warranty to sleep again and be late! Wake up at the first ring and take 5 minutes to stretch. Be brave, you can do it!

no snooze

12. Make your bed as soon as you get up! Like this, you will not have the temptation to back to bed… Admit that it happens to you!


13. Don’t turn on the TV and listen to the radio to boost you! Avoid TV because it can distract you and slow you down. Thanks to the radio, you can listen to the news, know the current time and have a mark on when you have to leave, take good habits!


14. Don’t turn on your computer and wait to be ready to leave before consulting your smartphone! Take the time to live a little in the morning. You already know that you will spend the rest of your day behind your screens!

smartphone off

15. Make a to-do-list to be sure not to forget anything! It’s a little maniac but at least you think of everything. This is the price to pay to be organized! Rest assured, it’s worth it…


Hope these 15 tips will allow you to be more relaxed in the morning. Don’t hesitate to share your own tips in the comment field! See you soon 🙂


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  1. Organizing Chic[k] says:

    Okay, I have to say, I love this list! You are spot on!! A little prep goes a long way, and some of these tips I’ve never even thought of before… I am definitely going to include these in the nighttime AND morning routine… Thanks from America!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much for your comment!! I’m happy you liked the tips! Cheers from Paris!! 🙂


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