How to organize an awesome Quiz Party ! :)

Hello mates!

It’s Sunday and you wanna have fun at home? What about organizing a Quiz Party with your friends? Here at 10 tips to help you, get ready !

1. Principle: this is a game played by team. You have to answer many questions as possible on various topics as quickly as possible! Are you ready for the challenge?

rules of the game

2. The animator part! It’s the role of the host! You will be the master of the game, the organizer, the animator and the referee (yes, all at the same time!). Your task is to create the questions, to base teams, ask questions and keep score. Good luck!


3. The themes! Do you prefer a multi-thematic quiz or a unique themed quiz? It’s up to you! Personally, I think that several themes are more fun because usually everyone has their own specialty…


4. The teams! Draw lots to avoid injustice! It is best to define small teams of 3 or 4 people to avoid endless discussions to suggest an answer.


5. The questions! You can create multiple-choice questions (maximum 4 proposals) or questions that require a concrete answer to vary the level of difficulty! Use your imagination or draw your inspiration from questions of Trivial Pursuit or Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?


6. Buzzers or banners? Try to get one buzzer per team if you can or create banners to lift for the answers. You can also use individual slate boards, as you wish!


a b c d

7. The scoring! Count the points on a  large board visible to all. You can count 1 point per team per correct answer!


8. The prizes! Allow gifts for each team, the winning team obtaining the jackpot! For example, provide bags of sweets, pens, card games and cinema tickets for the participants according to their score. The biggest lot can be DVDs, board games or tickets for an amusement park, you choose! It all depends on your budget. Choose the prizes with all your guests and divide the bill by the number of participants if you don’t want to ruin yourself…


9.  The buffet and the drinks! Opt for a cold buffet, it’s more convenient. Here are some ideas: crudités, crisps with guacamole, canapés, mini sandwiches, pasta salads or rice salads, fruits, cakes…  Prepare a punch bowl and provide beers and soft drinks for your guests, this should be enough!

buffet froid

10. When eat and drink? Take regular breaks between each game session to regain strength!

time to eat

time to drinkNow you have all the key elements to prepare your Quiz Party! Hope these 10 tips will allow you to have a great time with your friends. Feel free to use the comment field to give your opinion! Have fun 🙂



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