10 good reasons to enjoy spring in Paris ! :)

Hello world!

It’s official: spring is finally back, yeah!!!  Today I invite you to discover 10 reasons to love this wonderful season, here we go!

1. It’s the season of renewal! Nature blossoms, swallows and other migratory birds are back, hibernating animals are waking up, the days grow longer…everyone is ready for a fresh start! Take the opportunity to change your life and make healthy habits.

spring renewal

2. It’s spring of cinema! From tomorrow until next Tuesday, it’s cinema party in Paris! A movie session only costs 3.50 euros, enjoy!

printemps du cinéma

3. It’s the season of love! If you are a couple, work on building a stronger relationship: spend more time together, rediscover each other and continue to surprise and seduce your other half, this can only be beneficial. If you are single, take care of yourself and smile to life to give you more chances of making a beautiful meeting. You never know, love might knock on your door soon!

spring love

4. We can eat ice cream again! Winter didn’t allow you to eat a single one, go for an ice cream at Häagen-Dazs (I love the Gold Room of the Champs-Elysées shop!), stop at Ben & Jerry’s or treat yourself to a delicious artisanal sorbet at Berthillon on Ile de la Cité, yum!

haagen dazs

ben & jerry


5. Parisian terraces! The weather is brighter and softened, go for a drink outside with your friends or your significant other, it’s time to get some color!

terrassse parisienne

6. We can make picnics! If the weather allows it, take a blanket and easy things to eat, not to mention the drinks. You can sit out along the Seine banks or in a park for a picnic lunch, you will feel revived!


7. We can walk more! Is there anything better than a spring walk in Paris? Have a look on my article about my favourite views in Paris if you don’t know where to go!

walk midnight

8. It’s time to reshape your body! Winter and cold were giving you an excuse to eat like a pig, now it’s time to repair the damage! 30 minutes of sport every day is better than 4 fierce hours during only one day in the week! Spring has just started but we will be in summer from the 21st of June 2015. The terrible swimsuit test is not that far. For you to see if you prefer to go to the beach without shame or stay hidden in a diving suit!

reshape your body

9. Bye bye triple layered outfits! Girls, we can finally be cute and sexy again! Get your pretty dresses and skirts, your perfecto, your denim jacket and your heels. You won’t need your boots and your esquimaud outfits for a long time, yay! One more reason to play sports…


10. Neither too hot nor too cold! According to me, spring has the perfect weather. That’s why it’s my favourite season!


That’s it! Hope you are ready to face spring! And you, what is your favourite season? Give me your opinion in the comment field! Have a nice week-end 🙂


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