How to clean and tidy your room efficiently ! ;)

Hello messy people!

This post is dedicated to you. Tidying your room is not your forte? The words “storage” and “household” give you cold sweats? Your bedroom seems more like a battlefield than a decent place to live? You cannot stand your own mess anymore and you’re starting to get depressed? STOP! It’s time to change and do spring cleaning, whether you like it or not. I’m not speaking of the whole house but of your own room, it will be already a good start. Don’t look at me like that and try to be a grown-up, stop your childish please! If you don’t want to turn into a Piglet, you will have to transform your pigsty! Don’t worry, I’m here to help. Thanks to the 10 following tips, you will have the room of your dreams and will do everything to keep it…

1. Turn off your computer! This will prevent you from going on the Internet every 30 seconds! Storing requires a total concentration so you should not be disturbed in your task.

computer off

2. Put on some good music! Choose energetic music not to fall asleep and motivate yourself. Give yourself a challenge: you have one hour to finish everything! Are you ready?


3. Invite daylight! Open your curtains, your blinds and your window to let in fresh air and sunlight, it will revitalize you!


4. Make sorting! Throw or give what you don’t use anymore. Clothes, books, games…everything must be scrutinized! You will get more space after.


5. Change your bedding! Sleeping in clean and fresh sheets is much nicer and it will prevent the mites to settle! And take the opportunity to put an original blanket. A bed made and welcoming changes everything.


6. Sweep, vacuum, dust! And don’t forget to wash your window! Courage, it’s for your own good! Your room will look much better after.


7. Put your bracelets, necklaces, earings and rings on a jewelry holder! They will be easier to find and your necklaces won’t be twisted anymore. Guys, if you ever have chains or wristbands, same principle…

jewelry holder


8. Put your hair accesories in a hair organizer or a box with compartments! Boys, you can do the same with your men hair products! From now, you will be able to do your hair without the fuss…

hair organizer

men hair products

9. Put all your makeup products in a makeup bag! And do the same for your hygiene products!

makeup bag

10. Organize every area of your room: wardrobe, dresser, bookshelf, desk, nightstand…everything should be in its place!




You finished? Now, admire the result! Congratulations, you can be proud of yourself! Take a picture of your beautiful new room and hang it above your desk: it will remind you to order everytime you will be tempted to mess…

Hope these 10 tips will save your life. Enjoy your new room and feel free to share your tips in the comment field! See you soon 🙂


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