10 tips to cheer you up ! :)

Dear readers,

Unemployment, disappointment, family separation, emotional distance, lower self-esteem, sad weather, bad day…the reasons to depress are manyfold, regardless of where you are. Don’t worry, we are not robots, it’s perfectly normal to have ups an downs in life! As I care about your well-being, I’m gonna give you 10 tips to overcome this little suffering from the blues, hold on mates!

1. Go for a walk! Fresh air is good to think and clear your head. A square or a park will do the trick, green spaces are always soothing for the mind! Take your dog with you if you have one, he will keep you company.

go for a walk

2. Relax! Lie on your bed, put on your favourite music or watch a Disney movie, it will put you in a better mood, I promise!


3. Eat fresh fruits and chocolate! Choose seasonal fruits and favor citrus (oranges, clementines, grapefruit and so on) to stock on vitamin C! You will feel more dynamic and less depressed. Bananas, rich in magnesium, will help you to fight against fatigue. About the chocolate, it will make you happier thanks to endorphins, enjoy!



4. Go to bed earlier! Lack of sleep often plays on mood. Drink a tisane, take your favourite teddy bear and slide up under the blanket. You know the sayings “Sleep on it” and “Tomorrow is another day”, right?

sleeping panda

5. Do sport! It’s a good way to blow off steam and think about something else. Swimming, biking, running, basketball, football or whatever, it’s up to you! Playing sports also releases endorphins, isn’t that wonderful?

do sport

6. Call your friends! It’s important to keep in touch with your mates, they are also there to comfort us when we’re feeling down. Don’t forget that you can tell who your real friends are in a crisis!


7. See your friends! True mates will always have time for you, especially if you’re not feeling well. Most often, a hug is all we need to feel better. You can also go out for a drink, not necessarily alcohol, milkshakes also work!


8. Express your emotions! Do not be ashamed to cry if you feel the need, you will feel better after. Personally, I like writing, singing and playing the guitar to expel my feelings, this is my artistic side that comes out. You know, inspiration often comes in painful moments of our lives…


9. Think about a happy memory or someone you love! Positive thinking will allow you to move forward. And tell yourself that you are not alone, there is at least one person who loves you in the world. Parent, brother or sister, boyfriend or other, I’m sure you are the priority of someone, open your eyes and your heart…


10. See the bright side of things and valorize yourself! Optimistic people will have more chance to be happy than people who see everything in black. “After The Rain, The Fine Weather.” You can fall but you have to always get up again! You can accomplish great things, trust me. You just have to believe in yourself and give yourself the means to achieve your goals, that’s it!

bright side

you rock

Hope these 10 tips will help you to be more confident in the future and put a smile on your face. Don’t hesitate to share your own tips in the comment field! xoxo 🙂


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Thibault "Oron" says:

    Be happy ! 🙂
    When I need to smile or when I need a smile, first I claim (^_^), and then if that is not enough I put loud music at home and I sing !!!
    My pleasure 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for your comment and your dynamism !!! 🙂


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