20 districts, 20 clichés ! ;)

Hello world!

As you know, there are 20 districts in the City of Lights and each one has its own reputation (deserved or not). Today I suggest you to discover 20 clichés about Parisian districts. Here we go!

1. Paris 1: this is one of the most central districts of the historic heart of Paris. Do you know that Les Halles district dates from the early Middle Ages? Paris 1 is also nicknamed “district of the Louvre“. Is there any fan of Mona Lisa in the room?

Paris 1

2. Paris 2: according to me, Paris 2 is the Japanese quintessential district! Opera area is full of traditional Japanese canteens, Japanese food stores and manga shops, I love it! There is no lack of Japanese tourists as well, we wonder why…

Paris 2

3. Paris 3: several celebrities hang out in the corner, speaking of Bob Sinclar or Clémence Poésy. The price of rents in this area is terrifying, we even caught Jennifer Garner in flagrante delicto of shopping at Isabel Marant shop! We do not have the same values, my dear.

Paris 3

4. Paris 4: this is the neigborhood where gay people feel at home. Le Marais…ring a bell? You will also find many ready-to-wear boutiques, good pastries, Italian ice creams and places to party all night!

Paris 4

5. Paris 5: who has never heard of the Latin district in Saint-Michel Notre Dame area? It smells like holiday, Greek sandwiches, pizzas, Savoy restaurants and souvenir shops for tourists! Absolutely charming and very lively.

Paris 5

6. Paris 6: this is the favourite meeting place of writers and literate people. And Café de Flore is so Parisian! Do not ask me the price of expresso, I have never set foot here…

Paris 6

7. Paris 7: this is the headquarters of starred chefs, speaking of Alain Passard or Joël Robuchon (please do not confuse with Reblochon cheese!). As you have understood, you will be able to eat in gourmet restaurants to die for but you can just go see a movie at La Pagode if you prefer cerebral food.

Paris 7

8. Paris 8: you are all familiar with the most beautiful avenue in the world. If you are tired of Champs-Elysées, go see an exhibit at Grand Palais or Petit Palais! If you are in festive and extravagant mood, go to party at Le Baron

The Champs-Elysées at night, Paris, France

9. Paris 9: this is the district dedicated to nightlife! Theaters and concerts, prostitutes, sex shops and French cancan, here is the global summary of Paris 9. Personally, when I am in the neighborhood, it’s just to see humorists or musicians on stage, just to be clear!

Paris 9

10. Paris 10: welcome to Boboland and to the world of Amélie! Take the opportunity to go for a walk in Faubourg Saint-Denis and its surroundings…

paris 10

11. Paris 11: we go there for Oberkampf districtAl Taglio pizzeria, attending concerts at Le Nouveau Casino and buying records at the Fargo store.


12. Paris 12: except Gare de Lyon, I don’t know anything in this district! It seems that Aligre Market is nice, if you ever want to have a look…

Paris 12

13. Paris 13: this is definitely the Chinese district! Restaurants, supermarkets, shops, people, everything is done to immerse yourself in Asia! However, we cannot do anything for the Parisian greyness, do not ask too much either…

Paris 13

14. Paris 14: this district has an air of province! Montsouris park is beautiful and it’s the perfect place to run, bike or walk, as you wish. And Vanves flea market is ageless. You will hear the vendors complaining for years! Obviously, Paris 14 would be incomplete without Montparnasse district with its cinemas, theaters, bars and restaurants!

Paris 14

15. Paris 15: this is a cushy area with families, young children and retired people. Nothing bad can happen to you here because it’s a very safe district. The main attraction of Paris 15 is Beaugrenelle Shopping Center.

Paris 15

16. Paris 16: this is the bourgeois district! You will only find rich and well-dressed people. Even the dogs are trendy there! You can always hanging out at Palais de Tokyo if you don’t know what to do…

Paris 16

17. Paris 17: this is a wealthy district! Dominique de Villepin owns a townhouse there and several French humorists like Elie Semoun or Franck Dubosk also live in Paris 17. The main attractions are Palais des Congrès and Batignolles district.

Paris 17

18. Paris 18: who says Paris 18 says Montmartre! This is the favourite meeting place of artists and lovers. And you already know Sacré-Coeur of course! More original: you can have a drink in several African bars in Château-Rouge district. A glass of vodka only costs 3 euros, wow!

Paris 18

19. Paris 19: this is the district of renewal! Paris 19 is known for walks and pétanque games along the Ourcq Canal, the open-air cinema at La Villette and Buttes-Chaumont park.

Paris 19

20. Paris 20: its nickname is “district of Ménilmontant“. For your information, Ménilmontant inspired Jean-Jacques Rousseau for its Reveries of a Solitary Walker. Belleville district is very popular as well (if you like bubble-teas, go for it), not to mention Père-Lachaise cemetery which is the most visited in the world because of its famous tombs (Jim Morrison, Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde and so on).

Paris 20

That’s it! Hope these 20 clichés will allow you to have a better knowledge of Parisian districts. Don’t hesitate to give your opinion in the comment field! Cheers 🙂


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