Desperate Housemen : review of a great comedy show ! :)

Good morning everyone!

Yesterday evening, I went to Le Grand Point Virgule Theater, in Montparnasse district, to see Desperate Housemen! Although the poster contains the recognizable apples and the show begins with a mini extract of the well-known music, this is not a parody of the TV series Desperate Housewives! Here is my review…

Desperate Housemen is a play directed by Caroline Cichoz with the French comedians Jérôme Daran, Stéphane Murat and Alexis Macquart. They have been on stage since the 15th of October 2013 until the 30th of April 2015, which proves how much the show is successful!


What’s the story? After receiving a breakup letter from his girlfriend, Jérôme calls for his two best friends, Alexis and Stéphane, to find a way to win her back. The idea sounds good but as you can imagine, nothing will happen as planned, otherwise there would be no story!

These crazy specialists of one-man-show spare no one: all the torque daily vices are reviewed by three men of strong character. They all have a different personality. Jérôme is clumsy and romantic, Stéphane is silly but endearing, and Alexis is old school and mysogyn. The first has just been dumped, the second is in a new relationship and the third has been married for 10 years. It’s difficult to find the right balance with such disparate experiences but that’s what makes the charm of the play!


All the modern relationship issues are treated: adultery, breakup, female psychology, male psychology, gender relations, life as a couple, meaning of love, sex, love disappointment, married life, doubts about the future, reconquest, romantism, misogyny and so much more! The trio makes fun of women but also men so we laugh heartily. Satire of couple is brilliant and incisive.

Dialogues are lively, simple, well written, funny and hit the spot! The spectator has truly the feeling of being a witness of the situation. It’s like watching a sitcom episod or a story filmed with a hidden camera! The acting is natural and convincing. Plus the fact that the actors have kept their real name makes them even more authentic.

The show lasts 70 minutes and I found it too short. Time flew so fast, I wish it could last longer!

The icing on the cake: Jérôme Daran is also an amazing guitarist and singer. Come and admire his musical prowess in English and French, what an artist!

jérôme daran guitare

I highly recommend you to see Desperate Housemen, it’s pure happiness! Go with your girlfriends or your other half, you will have an awesome time…

If you wanna give your opinion about Desperate Housemen, do it in the comment field. Happy Sunday 🙂



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