How to organize a successful pyjama party ! :)

Hello ladies!

It’s week-end and your men are not there. Don’t be sad, it’s the occasion to have a girly time! What about a pyjama party? Sleepovers are not only dedicated to children and teens, trust me! Here are 10 tips for an awesome pyjama party, get ready!

1. Choose your pyjama! Vintage, kawaii, sexy, silly…it’s up to you! You just have to feel good in it.

chemise de nuit panda

2. Prepare the decor! Decide if you prefer to have your pyjama party in the living room or in your bedroom if it’s quite spacious. Clear the room, add mattresses or sleeping bags, a lot of cushions, colored bulbs and girly balloons for a nice effect!

chambre pyjama party

3. Think about the buffet and don’t forget the drinks! For the food, you can offer verrines easy to prepare like avocado-mozarella-tomato, pizza, mini sandwiches, cupcakes and fruit salad. For the drinks, what about homemade cosmopolitans? You just need vodka, orange liquor, cranberry juice and lime, it’s not complicated!



4. Cook together! You will have an extra activity, save time and enjoy a friendly moment, there are only benefits!


5. Treat yourselves to a beauty session! Manicure, nail polish, beauty masks, makeup, headgear tests…pamper yourselves!


6. Make confidences! This is girls night, share your secrets, enjoy!


7. Play games! Pick a board game, make a Truth or Dare, play a video game, do a karaoke, make a pillow fight…treat yourselves!

pillow fight

8. Make a pyjama defile! Put on some music, play models, rate each candidate, take crazy pictures, you will have fun for sure!

mannequin pyjama

9. Watch a movie! There are a lot of girly films: Bridesmaids, Mean Girls, Bridget Jones’s Diary (1 & 2), 27 dresses…rediscover the classics! 

mean girls

10. Think about breakfast! Provide fruits, juice, pancakes, hot chocolate, tea or coffee for the next morning, it will prolong the party!

Hope these 10 tips will allow you to have the girls time of your life! Don’t hesitate to give your opinion or share your tips in the comment field. Sweet dreams 🙂



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