How to save money in Paris ;)

Hello everybody!

As you know, life is very expensive in Paris, whether you are a student, recent graduate or young professional. But this doesn’t mean that you have to live like monks! Here are 10 tips to enjoy Parisian life without breaking the bank…

1. Fight against food waste! Cook your leftovers, make tapas!

no food waste

2. Buy your fruits and vegetables in season! It’s better and cheaper!


3. Download the app PrixingIt’s free for Android and iPhone. Scan the barcod of a product with your smartphone. The app tells you where to find it at the best price. Clever, isn’t it?


4. Go in private galleries! There are a lot of galleries in Paris and watching Artworks doesn’t cost anything. If you like the art of photography, stop by a YellowKorner gallerie. You can find some in Carrousel du Louvre, Montparnasse, Beaugrenelle, Montmartre, Saint-Germain-des-Prés, La Défense and so on. Have a look on the website to discover Parisian art galleries.


5. Download the app Essence Free to compare pump prices of diesel or unleaded petrol in the nearby service stations. This application is free for Android and iPhone.


6. Use LED light bulbs! They consume 5 times less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and they have a lifetime 6 to 7 times higher! They are more expensive to buy but it’s a sustainable investment, trust me!


7. Limit your energy expenses: turn off the TV rather than leaving it on standby, switch off the light when you leave a room, cover your pan when the water boils…be eco!

turn off tv

8. Book your restaurant with the app LaFourchetteThere are more than 6,000 restaurants partners in France and you can have a 40 to 50% discount on the bill, enjoy! The app is free for Android and iPhone.


9. Go to the theater for half price! Have a look on the website or


10. Girls, resell the clothes you no longer wear or make exchanges with friends who are the same size clothing. And wait for sales if you are really shopaholic!


Hope these 10 tips will help you to make savings while enjoying life in Paris! If you wanna give your opinion or share your own tips, the comment field is yours. Bye 🙂


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