How to organize a nice cocktail dinner :)

Hello people!

Do you find that week never ends?  If so, what about granting you a delightful break by inviting your friends for a cocktail dinner? Here are 10 tips to make it successful!

1. Choose the buffet option! Put all the dishes on the table in self-service, this will facilitate you the task! Don’t forget to provide paper plates, paper napkins and small pikes for your guests…


2. Think about your appetizer menu! Vary textures, tastes and colors to dazzle your friends! And don’t forget to allow sufficient quantities for everyone.

finger food

3. Select the drinks! Choose cocktail recipes that do not require more than 3 ingredients such as daiquiri (light rum+lime juice+sugar), tequila sunrise (tequila+orange juice+grenadine) or kir Breton (crème de cassis+cider). You can also make a punch: it’s very easy to prepare and it always has success! Personally, I like mixing exotic juice, white rum and a few pinches of cinnamon, it’s delicious!

3 -ingredient cocktails

4. Treat the presentation of the appetizers! Serve them in verrines, small cups of various shapes, decorate your tray with flowers or exotic leaves…be creative! Your guests will be amazed for sure!

appetizer presentation

5. Don’t make only cold dishes! Favor the cold appetizers as entries (crudités to crunch, crisps with guacamole, canapés, rolled ham…) and the warm ones as main courses (vegetable puff pies, brochettes, risotto, pizza…).

hot and cold

6. Prepare original ice cubes! Add colored syrup like mint or grenadine in the ice cube tray, it will make beautiful ice cubes! For even more originality, you can use trays of different shapes: smilies, hearts…treat yourself!

colored ice cubes


7. Think about cheese lovers! Fresh cheese bites with spices, gouda-ham brochettes, diced gruyère, beef carpaccio with parmesan…there are endless possibilities, yum!

cheese starters

8. Think about the sweet tooth! Mini pastries (do not tire yourself by doing them, go to Eric Kayser bakery!), compote, fruit brochettes, ice cream…choose what makes you happy!

sweet appetizers

9. Decorate your glasses! Make a frosting with syrup and sugar, put colored straws, add thin slices of lemon or orange, use candies, creativity has no limits!

decorated glasses

10. Everything must be easy to eat! All your dishes must be eaten with fingers, a small pike or a little spoon!

easy to eat

That’s it! Hope these 10 tips will allow you to spend an awesome evening with your mates. If you wanna give your opinion or share your own tips, feel free to comment! Bon appétit 🙂


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