How to organize an amazing Disney Party ! :)

Hello Disney fans!

Who never dreamed of dressing up as their favourite Disney character? Who never wanted to turn Disney World into reality? I made it last week-end and it was wonderful! Here are 10 tips to organize an awesome Disney Party at home!

1. Save the date! A Disney Party takes preparation ahead, it doesn’t just happen! Launch your invitations one month in advance so people have time to organize themselves…

get ready to party

2. Choose your character! Who do you want to be? A princess? A hero? A villain? An animal? Pick in your Disney DVDs, you will end up to find!

disney character

3. Be creative! Do not choose the easy way out by buying a ready-made outfit! Plus it’s expensive. I’m sure you will succeed in creating a nice costume by superposing accessories! Dig in your wardrobe and buy only the bare minimum if you miss items. And don’t forget that a good makeup can make miracles! Here is a selection of homemade disguises to help you find inspiration! Stunning, isn’t it?





4. Prepare a Disney theme buffet! I didn’t have Disney molds so I decided to make nods to Disney references throughout my dishes! Creativity is my best ally…


5. Write the menu! Here is what I thought for my menu: “Caribbean punch” (homemade exotic punch for Pirats of the Caribbean), “Trio of little pigs” (3 kinds of charcuterie for 3 Little Pigs), “Pink coral tartare” (raw salmon pieces with lemon juice and chive for The Little Mermaid), “Cinderella’s soup” (pumpkin cream soup), “Mulan’s Cantonese rice”, “Pocahontas’gold” (corn cobs steamed), “Rémy’s ratatouille”, ” Spaghettis of Lady and the Tramp” (choose big beef balls!), “Poisoned apple compote” (homemade compote for Snow White), “Lion bars” (for The Lion King) and “Oasis candies” (to represent Sugar Rush in Wreck-it Ralph)! Pretty good, no?


6. Think about the decor! Display your favourite Disney DVDs, expose some Disney soft toys, inflate colored balloons, choose paper plates and paper napkins related to the theme, put Disney posters on the walls…there is no lack of ideas!

disney plush

7. Prepare your Disney playlist! If you don’t have CDs, you can create a free playlist on Deezer for example. Your favourite Disney songs will be perfect to get you in the mood!

disney songs

8. Take pictures! Immortalize your guests and yourself in your beautiful Disney costumes, it will make great memories!

take photos

9. Reveal your child soul! As Peter Pan says, “Never grow up”, stop being an adult to enjoy the Disney magic! Being a kid again is the best thing…

don't grow

10. Have fun! Desinhibit yourself, play the fool, enjoy the moment!

disney fun

Hope these 10 tips will allow you to have the Disney time of your life! Don’t hesitate to give your opinion and share your tips in the comment field. Cheers 🙂


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  1. Natalie Davis says:

    Great post!:)

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    1. Thank you so much, Natalie! 🙂


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