It’s Woman’s Day : be a princess today ! :)

Hello girls!

Today is OUR DAY! It’s the occasion to get pampered and think about yourself first. Here is a list of 10 wishes you can ask to your men. I’m sure they will be pleased to help. Enjoy!

1. The right not to do the dishes! When you have no dishwasher, doing the dishes by hand is the worst torture, especially when you have guests! “It cannot wait until morning?” We know the song, don’t expect to fool us with this old trick, boys! No, it’s urgent and you’re gonna wash these plates now! There are rubber gloves and raspberry washing up liquid, help yourself… If you’re not happy with it, eat in paper plates!


2. The right not to cook! “When are we going to eat?” I don’t know, here is the Japanese take-away menu, why don’t you call them? Unless you prefer that we go to the restaurant…what about “La Tour d’Argent”? They have a fabulous lunch menu for only 85 euros!

no cook

3. The right not to do the housework! Darling, I have a gift for you: this is a new hoover. Do you want to try it now?

no housework

4. The right to have flowers! Spring is coming soon! I would love to smell the delicate perfume of red roses or white lily… It’s good, florists are open on Sunday!


5. The right to stay 3 hours in the bathroom! Have a bath, make a scrub, do your hair…offer yourself a complete beauty treatment! And don’t answer when someone knocks against the door! There is no rush.


6. The right to have a drink on the terrace of your choice! The city is so sunny today and I’m starting to feel thirsty! Can we go to Lafayette terrace to have a cocktail and enjoy the view of Paris?


7. The right not to do sport! “When was the last time you went to the gym?” I don’t know and I don’t care, it CAN wait tomorrow or after tomorrow or after after tomorrow! It’s already 5:00 pm and we’re running out of time to have fun. Let’s hurry, there is a film session in 30 minutes and I don’t want to miss it!

no sport

8. The right to choose the movie you will see at the cinema! I’m tired of action movies. I want to watch a comedy! Go buy the popcorn!


9. The right not to do ironing! If your shirt is wrinkled, go buy another one!

no ironing

10. The right to do nothing! It’s ok to be lazy today. Just relax and enjoy your free time! After all, you are a princess, right?


You got it, today you have all the rights, girls! Happy Woman’s Day! Cheers 🙂


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