Why blogging makes me happy…

Dear readers,

Today I would like to share with you a subject dear to my heart: I started this blog on the 1st of February 2015, a little more than one month ago, and I’m rather proud of the road that I have travelled. Discover without delay the 10 reasons that lead me to continue blogging every day…

1. I love writing! For me, it’s more than a hobbie, it’s a passion, a lifestyle! I cannot spend a day without writing. This is my favourite way of expression because I can share my emotions more easily like this. It’s concrete, visual. You know the saying “words fly away, writings remain”! I need to leave my personal touch and writing is the best way to get there.


2. Creativity is limitless! There are several kinds of creativity: some people create with their hands, others with their voice, I draw my creativity into words. Writing is not an easy exercise. However, every day I manage to find a new post to write about. I have written more than 30 articles and I intend to continue again and again!


3. I’m interested in a lot of different topics! That’s why I decided to create a general blog with several categories, to be able to talk about anything, while keeping the theme of Paris. Otherwise, we would be lost quickly!


4. I am progressing in English! Everybody knows that we lose our skills if we stop practicing! Thanks to my blog, I have a daily discipline. I’m not bilingual yet, I keep on making mistakes but I’m learning every day! Nobody forced me to do this, it’s my own decision. I’m learning while having fun and that’s the most important!


5. I like giving myself challenges! Challenges encourage us to go beyond our limits and it’s very rewarding to prove ourselves what we are capable. Consequently, never underestimate yourself, you are able to do great things!

challenge accepted

6. I feel more confident! When I started my blog, I didn’t know that it could grow so fast and attract Internet users from different countries! Any subscription, like or comment gives me wings and desire to move further…


7. I can touch people with my articles! I have readers from Europe, America, Asia…it’s fabulous! Opening myself to others is one of the joys of blogging. Knowing that a little community reads my posts every day warms my heart. Blogging is also about sharing!

touch people

8. I feel motivated! The number of visits on my blog grows visibly and it’s very exciting! It means that I can manage to carry out a project, even if it’s not a professional one. I don’t earn a single cent with my blog, I’m doing it for pleasure!

I can

9. I’m more joyful than before! Writing is a very powerful communication tool. Personally, I love writing with humor and when someone tells me that one of my posts put a smile on his face, I consider this as a victory! Bringing some joy to people through writing, isn’t that wonderful?


10. I want to continue this project as long as possible! As I said previously, I love challenges and I will keep on writing for a long time, you have been warned!

set and reach goal concept

That’s all I had to say. Hope you will keep on reading my articles and helping me to make this blog grow again. Thank you for your support! Hugs 🙂


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