How to organize a successful raclette party ! ;)

Hello cheese lovers!

Week-end is coming! It’s the occasion to party and have an awesome winter meal! Spring is not here yet so take advantage of it. Here are 10 tips to organize an amazing raclette party with your mates, get ready!

1. Anytime you want! In autumn or winter, raclette is always a festive dish! It’s friendly, easy to prepare and you have almost nothing to cook, isn’t that marvelous?


2. Prepare the material! All you need is an electric raclette machine and small individual pans for your guests. I like transparent raclette machine, like this you can see when the cheese is melted, it’s very convenient!


3. Choose your cheese carefully! Indeed, raclette cheese will be the principal ingredient of your meal so you better take quality cheese! For more flavors, why don’t you buy an assortment? Nature, 3 peppers or smoked, there is something for all tastes, yum!


4. Plan the right amount! It takes about 200 g of cheese per person so don’t be stingy! You can always ask for a flat fee to your guests if you don’t want to ruin yourself…


5. Think of charcuterie! We must think of carnivores! Lean ham, country ham, rosette, chorizo, mortadella, coppa, pancetta, salami…treat yourself! It’s nice to accompany your plate with pickles and cherry tomatoes. Serve charcuterie apart if some of your guests are vegetarian, we never know. You can also add quail eggs to cook in the individual pans for an even more tasty meal!


6. Don’t forget the potatoes! Potatoes are also essential ingredients because it’s on them that you pour melted cheese. Steamed or baked in the oven with their skin, potatoes must be kept warm during the meal. Put them in a pan covered with a cloth. Depending on the appetite of your guests, allow 4 or 5 small potatoes per person!

pommes de terre

7. Wine is essential! White wine lovers, choose a wine from Savoy! If you prefer red wine, you can take a Pinot Noir or a Côte de Brouilly. Cheers!

vin de savoie


8. Salad anyone? A small mixed salad will bring freshness to your meal and facilitate your digestion. Corn salad, cucumbers, tomatoes and so on, just put what you like!


9. The sweet touch: dessert! There is always room for a little dessert! What about a homemade fruit salad? Strawberries, bananas, mango, mint, apples, pears or clementines, it’s up to you! If you want a piece of advice, avoid ice cream after a raclette meal, it’s bad for the stomach…


10. Let’s play some games! Who says party says games as well! Musical blind tests can be fun. There are a lot of apps for smartphones, you will surely find your happiness, have fun!

blind test

Oh, one last thing: don’t forget to ventilate your apartment, it might smell cheese for a moment! But hey, the game is worth the candle, no?

Now you have all the keys in hand to have a wonderful raclette party! If you wanna give your opinion or share other tips, don’t hesitate to comment! Bon week-end 🙂


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