In my ideal world, Paris would be like this…

Hello dreamers!

As you know, Paris is a fairytale city that thrills the world! “City of Lights”, “City of Love”, “Capital of Fashion”, “Capital of Gastronomy”…admit that it makes you dream! However, Paris is far from being perfect and that’s good! Today I suggest you to use your imagination and explore the Paris of my dreams. What is good about dreams is that they are limitless! Here is my wish list in 20 points, have a good escape!

1. No more traffic jams! Traffic jams are one of the worst sides of Paris. Indeed, there is nothing more annoying than to take one hour and a half to make a normally 30-minute journey! After, don’t be surprised if Parisian are moody…

no more traffic jam

2. No more pollution! Do you know that pollution in Paris is as harmful as passive smoking? For your information: the 13th December of 2013, Parisian streets were as polluted as a room of 20 square meters occupied by eight smokers! It’s hard to breathe fresh air in these conditions, isn’t it?

no more pollution

3. A perfect metro! I have said it many times, metro is a nightmare for Parisian: dirty, stinky, overheated, overcrowded…you make the dance of joy everytime you get out of it! To my mind, the ideal metro would be clean, air-conditioned, well served and beautiful! We can always dream!

perfect metro

4. Driving would be safe and pleasant! If only traffic and drivers could be normal and civilized…  The problem is that we always expect the worst on the road! Sometimes, I’m thinking about moving to the countryside. Just kidding, I have always been a urban girl!

driving can be beautiful

5. Driving lessons would no longer cost you a limb! When you’re learning to drive, you cannot be poor because one hour of driving costs at least 54 euros in Paris! Even if you have a package, there are always extra hours to add, it’s depressing!


6. We would stop being afraid of the driving instructors! When your driving instructor tears you off a strip, it’s really difficult to stay cool! I can concede that teaching is not an easy job and that anyone can lose patience, but I think that showing a little more humanity could improve many situations. Like this, students could stop stressing before they even start their driving lesson! Take inspiration from Ryan Gosling, he knows how to make you feel confident. Hold on, it’s just a wishful thinking!


7. Happy Hour would last all day! Thanks to this concept, we wouldn’t have to be in a hurry to finish our glass and order another one before the end of happy hour. Like this, people would drink more slowly and would have less risk of being drunk! See, I think about your well-being…

happy hour

8. Nobody would be unemployed! Unemployment leads to depression and miserable people make silly things that can ruin their lives. With a job, people feel more confident, considered, useful, happy and more inclined to consume. How can you keep the economy going with unemployed people? All we need is a job to make it work!


9. We would no longer have to queue anywhere! In Paris, we queue everywhere: at the bank, the supermarket, the post-office, the cinema, Disneyland Paris…that’s enough, it has to stop! Life is too short to queue.

no queue

10. Racism and discrimination would no longer exist! Too many people are still affected by these monstrous attitudes at school, at work, in the street… Don’t forget the Constitution: “All men are born free and equal in rights.” Please respect it and be a good citizen!

no more racism

no more discrimination

11. Everyone would find his soulmate! We are in the “City of Love”, nobody should be alone! I’m sure that some people turn into criminals because they lacked love during their youth. If you are loved, you will have more chances to be a good person. Sounds a bit naive but it’s my personal opinion!

love for everyone

12. Poverty would no longer exist! It upsets me to see people sleeping in the street or begging in the metro, while others do not know what to do with their money…  Life can be very unfair sometimes. Everyone should at least be able to eat enough, we are in France, starvation should not even exist!

no more poverty

13. There would no longer be criminals! The decay of society is very scary sometimes, it’s like everything becomes trivialized! I’m sick of reading horrible news items every day, some people are simply unable to behave well, it’s crazy!
no more crime

14. Sales would last all year! No need to rush in the stores like this! You will be able to go shopping at any time! Is there any shopaholic in the room?


15. Access to the Eiffel Tower would be free! The Iron Lady is part of our cultural heritage. Why should we pay to visit it?



16. Parisian would stop being grumpy! Imagine a city full of smiling Parisian! Is it possible? Make a wish!

smiley paris

17. Navigo pass would be 50% cheaper so people would stop frauding! Life is expensive in Paris and transport is part of it. When you’re working, your employer reimburses you half of your transportation costs. But what about unemployed people? Should we move on foot or teletransport ourselves?

carte navigo 50 pourcent

18. Navigo pass would allow free travel in Europe on weekends! Eurostar or Thalys tickets are so expensive! This concept could change our lives! Maybe one day…

travel Europe

19. Everyone would find housing easily! Nobody would have to sleep under the bridges or in a suspicious squat, it would be wonderful! The housing issue is still so problematic today…

home for everyone

20. Everyone would be happy! Happiness, that’s all you need in the end! Ok, I still believe in Care Bears but it’s the thought that counts!

be happy

Hope these 20 wishes put a smile on your face. If you wanna share your own dreams about Paris or just give your opinion, the comment field is yours. Sweet dreams 🙂


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