How to cook well and fast in Paris ;)

Hello everybody!

Students, graduates, working girls and working boys, we all have one thing in common: because of our busy lives, we rarely have time, desire and motivation to cook. Yet we’ll have to go to the evidence: Subway on Monday, Burger King on Tuesday, KFC on Wednesday (Don’t lie, I saw you!), Chinese take-away on Thursday, Mc Donald’s on Friday (Don’t tell me it was to take a salad or a Happy Meal!), Japanese take-away on Saturday, Domino’s Pizza on Sunday… Oh My God. Are you insane?! At this rate, you’re going to turn into a disgusting obese pig, dear! If you want to stay single for the rest of your life or die prematurely, keep on like this! Oh, it’s not what you want? Good. Don’t worry, I’m here to help. Here are 10 tips to cook well and fast!

1. Make lists! Choose 5 ideas of meals every week. Like this, you will be able to organize yourself for the shopping and have balanced and varied meals. List every ingredient you need for the week not to forget anything in the supermarket. And create a folder with categories for all your recipes: soups, pasta dishes, rice dishes, beef, poultry, pork, fish, vegetables, fruits and so on.


2. Avoid supermarkets during rush hours! I know that it’s not easy when you’re working. However, you can go to the supermarket during morning week-end, it’s less crowded. Some supermarkets are even open on Sunday, speaking of Franprix or Carrefour City. If you have to shop during the week, there are dailymonop’ open until midnight. How convenient!


3. Cook a large piece of meat during week-end like leg of lamb or roast chicken. You can recycle the leftover during the week by adding salad, rice or pasta, vegetables, grated cheese and sauce, it’s quick and not complicated at all!

poulet rôti

4. Defrost food in the fridge after your shopping. It will be ready to cook faster like this! I’m talking about the food for your dinner, not the entire week of course!


5.Choose recipes that do not require more than 5 ingredients! This will simplify your life, trust me! Express recipes change everything. Think about burgers, gratins, risottos…you’re the chef!

5 ingredients or less

6. Always have essential products in your kitchen! I mean eggs, frozen vegetables, tomato coulis, grated cheese, pizza dough, ham, chicken breasts, olives, olive oil, pasta…this is the minimum survival kit! You can be sure to never starve and will be able to prepare a meal at the speed of lightning!


7. Be organized! Organize your kitchen in order to have things as much as possible at hand: pot and pan in a closet near the stove, ladle, skimmer and wooden spoon in a pot next to you, spices above on a shelf, not to mention the cutting board and the cutting instruments! Don’t forget to prepare the work plan of the kitchen with all the ingredients you need to save time.

organized kitchen


8. Prepare your salad dressing in advance! To save time, prepare a big quantity and put your vinaigrette in a plastic bottle well closed to preserve it. At the time of consumption, just shake the bottle to re-emulsify the preparation!


9. Heat faster! Remember to cover the pan of water which will be used to cook your pasta or whatever, be sure to pre-heat your oven when you’re preparing a pie or pizza, and put in the microwave the frozen ingredients you want to cook. Even faster, think about vegetables that can be eaten without being cooked or peeled such as tomato, cucumber, courgette, peppers…


10. Measure without weighing! 

10 g of salt (for 1 liter of water) = 2 level teaspoons; 15 g of powdered sugar = 1 tablespoon; 10 g of flour = 1 tablespoon; 20 g of uncooked rice = 1 tablespoon; 15 g of cream = 1 tablespoon; 2 cl of liquid = 1 tablespoon.  Isn’t that simple?


Hope these tips will help you to overcome your laziness to cook and will allow you to eat better! If you wanna give your opinion or share other tips, feel free to comment. Bye 🙂

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