Ten tips to enjoy your Sunday in Paris :)

Bonjour tout le monde!

Week-end flies so fast, it’s already Sunday! As you know, there are 2 teams about Sunday: the ones who see it as a blessed day (“Week-end is not over! Keep cool, we still have time to have fun!”) and the ones who see it as a damned day (“Monday is coming! I don’t want to go to work tomorrow!”). Congratulations team 1, you have the right attitude and deserve a medal for your “joie de vivre”! Team 2, stop complaining: being grumpy will waste your Sunday and won’t make you feel better! Instead, read my list of things to do to enjoy your Sunday…

1. Sleep! You’re exhausted from your week, you have partied on Friday and Saturday…sweeties, it’s time to rest! Sleeping in is a luxury that you cannot afford every day, go back to bed.


2. Brunch! At home or in a café, it’s always a good time. With friends or family, you choose! Thanks to brunch, you save a meal and you can eat a lot of delicious dishes: tea/coffee/hot chocolate, fresh juice, buttered bread with jam, croissant/pain au chocolat, pancakes, eggs, salad, fruits and so on, treat yourself!


3. Go for a walk! It’s excellent to digest and there are so many beautiful places in Paris! There is an operation called “Paris respire” (Paris is breathing) where you can walk out on foot, bike or rollerblade in several places like ways on bank along the Seine or Canal Saint-Martin. The engines are prohibited on Sunday and bank holidays so enjoy your peace! You can find the map of “Paris respire” on the website http://www.paris.fr. The areas concerned are in green.


4. Go shopping! Yes, there are shops open on Sunday in Paris, speaking of Champs Elysées district, Carrousel du Louvre, Bercy Village, Canal Saint-Martin district, Marais district or Faubourg-du-Temple street. If you  like flea markets, stop by the flea market of Clignancourt, it’s the biggest of Paris! Indeed, it includes a 3 hectares area, more than 2,500 shops and stalls specializing in antiques, brocante or fashion, wow!


5. Go to the swimming pool! You will be able to relax, chase away stress and shape your body. You can find a list of Parisian swimming pools open on Sunday on the website http://www.paris-dimanche.fr. If you’re not in sport mood and just want to have fun, go to Aquaboulevard waterpark, in Paris 15. You will love the wave pool, the water slides and the jumping Tarzan attraction!


6. Go to the cinema! This is one of my favourite hobbies! Watching a movie is a nice way to entertain yourself, escape and lose track of time. It’s even better with an ice cream, yum!

ugc bercy

7. Go to the theater! It’s part of Parisian culture and this is the occasion to spend an awesome time in couple or family. Comedy, satire or tragedy, choose your play! “Les Théâtres Parisiens Associés” are located in different districts of Paris and offer an exceptional program. If you are looking for a theater, go on the website http://www.theatresparisiensassocies.com.


8. Go for a drink! It’s a nice way to end your Sunday. Yes, you can have happy hour on Sunday in Paris! Have a look on the website http://www.barparis.com. However, don’t drink too much, be reasonable!


9. Cook! On Sunday you have more time for yourself. What about trying a new recipe? It does not have to be complicated, think about quiche, pizza, lasagna, potato gratin or risotto! It’s always a pleasure to eat a dish that you have prepared yourself. If you are motivated, you can even prepare your lunchbox for tomorrow!

gratin dauphinois

10. Think about next week-end! Making plans is exciting and keep you optimistic and motivated to face your week.

week-end plan

Hope these tips will allow you to spend an amazing Sunday! Don’t hesitate to share your own tips in the comment field. Enjoy 😀

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