10 good reasons to live in Commerce district, Paris 15 :)

Hello mates!

Today I would like to make the praise of Commerce, the district where I live, in Paris 15. Here are the 10 reasons that make Commerce fabulous!

1. Rue du Commerce: this street is very well named! You have plenty shops all along the street! Bakeries, butcheries, greengrocers, cheese shops, wine shops, beauty shops, CDs & DVDs stores, clothing stores, supermarket, opticians, pharmacies, banks… This is litterally the street of temptation! You can find here almost everything you need!

rue du commerce 2

2. I live 5 minutes from metro! When you move on in Paris, the location of metro is a key element. Indeed, Parisian are always in a hurry and it is vital to live in an area well served by public transport, especially when you’re late!

métro Commerce

3. People who live here are family oriented. There are mostly families with young children, students and retired people. The atmosphere is friendly, it’s like being in a little village!

rue Commerce

4. The area is very safe! You can go home late without fear of being mugged and this changes everything when you’re a girl. As everyone does not have the chance to have a man or a bodyguard to protect them, problem solved!


5. We have the best bakery of Paris: Eric Kayser! A good day starts with a good breakfast. What could be more pleasant than collecting warm and delicious croissants and pains au chocolat next door? Not to mention the baguette to make buttered bread with jam (strawberry for me) on top! For more festive occasions, their pastries are a treat, speaking of chocolate-hazelnut tarts, pear-chocolate tarts, chesnut cream tarts, Adagio (chocolate-raspberry cake), lemon pies, strawberry pies, chocolate or coffee eclairs, Paris-Brest and so much more! You really have to come to discover all its delights!

Eric Kayser

6. Le Café du Commerce! This is an authentic Parisian bistro and it is known to serve the ultimate traditional French cuisine! The place is beautiful, it’s like travelling back to the Belle Epoque! Le Café du Commerce is composed of 3 floors and offers an open view of the Parisian sky…isn’t that romantic?

Le café du commerce

7. Charlie Birdy! This restaurant-music-pub is a place where I like having lunch or coming for tea time. The atmostphere is friendly and festive, plus they have a sofa similar to the one of the Central Perk in Friends TV show! You can find here typical American dishes like fingers food, burgers, tex-mex, milk-shakes, cheesecakes and so on, your stomach will thank you! Moreover, they organize theme parties every week and their Sunday brunch is awesome!


8. Chinese and Japanese take-away! Rue du Commerce is full of them! Very useful when you’re too lazy to cook or when you’re coming home late.

traiteur japonais

9. Square Saint-Lambert: this is the place where I was playing when I was a little girl. The place is deliciously vintage with its carousel, its green benches, its large bassin and its open-air theater! Even today, I like walking in this square to clear my mind.

square saint-lambert

10. The Gourmet Market of France’s terroirs: every year during 4 days in October, you can buy authentic and delicious French local products such as cheese, nougat, charcuterie, honey and so much more in Place du Commerce, yum!

marché gourmand commerce

And you, what do you think about Commerce district or Paris 15? Give me your opinion in the comment field. Happy Sunday, see you tomorrow 🙂


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