Happy Asian New Year ! :)

Dear readers,

Today is a special day for all Asian people of the world. Indeed, tonight we are celebrating the year of the goat, yeah! For Vietnamese people, New Year is called Têt and means litterally “celebration of the first day of the year”. As we have a Lunar Calendar, New Year’s day changes every year and it’s the most important celebration!

During Têt, it is usual to visit the house of close people on the first day of the year, to pray the ancestors, to present your wishes, and to give money to children and to the elderly in small red envelops called “li xi”!

li xi

Têt is also the occasion to spend an amazing time with your family and eat delicious dishes like caramel pork and traditional cakes: “banh chung” and “banh day” which are tasty rice cakes stuffed with pork and wrapped with banana leaves. The banh chung are in a rectangular shape to represent the Earth and the banh day are in a round shape to represent Heaven. Isn’t that poetic?


As you may have noticed, Vietnamese people are quite supersiticious. Têt Day is  very important because the Vietnamese think it will influence the days of the year. That’s why they try not to get angry, not to swear or scream in order to avoid misfortune. It is said that the first person who visits a family will bring good luck or bad luck, so we are expecting a good visit: the ideal expected person is a man, successful, married and with children. On the opposite, a single woman with no children, is not a proper visit. Ah, superstitions!

The ritual salutation you have to claim is “Phuc Loc Tho” which means happiness, prosperity, longevity. You  can also use the Vietnamese sentence “Chúc Mừng Năm Mới” that means “Happy New Year”.

Girls, if you really want to respect the tradition, you have to wear an “ao dai”. It is a tight-fitting silk tunic worn over pants and you will look beautiful like this! Red, pink, yellow, green, blue or whatever, choose your color! It has to be bright for a more festive look.


Do you know that Paris is also celebrating Asian New Year? You can attend to spectacular shows with dragons and Bengal lights. Every year, the different parisian districts are very creative to celebrate this awesome event that will delight young and older people. Between markets, concerts and other animations, you will be able to entertain and travel to a fascinating culture. You can see the program on the website http://www.sortiraparis.com!


Good news for all the goats: 2015 will be a prosperous year for you and you will be able to get everything you want! Career, money, love and health will be fine for you, enjoy!

Are you celebrating Asian New Year too? If so, what do you usually do  for this special occasion? Give me your opinion in the comment field. Best wishes 🙂


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