How to survive in Disneyland Paris :)

Hello Disney fans!

Who has never been to Disneyland? Oh Disney…this unique land where time is suspended, where your favourite characters come to life, where magic rules and you litterally live a daydream! Is there any place more wonderful than Disneyland Paris? I don’t think so! But wait, if you are not well prepared for this special journey, things can easily turn into a nightmare! Don’t worry, I’m gonna give you the survival kit to enjoy this amazing amusement park as you deserve! Get ready!

1. Don’t arrive at 10:00 am! Personally I arrived around 11:00 am and it was perfectly fine to cross the entrance! I queued less than 10 minutes, true story! What’s the point to leave at dawn to arrive at 10:00 am while enduring 2 hours of queue? You will be exhausted even before starting anything! Save your sleep and energy, you will still have plenty time to enjoy the park!


2.Take a small bag! Yes, I’m talking to you girls! You don’t need to bring your house with you because it will take too much space and will break your poor back! If you absolutely need a backpack, ask your man (Dad, brother or significant other, please don’t bother your grand-father!) to carry it. They will look so manly and be happy to help! Plus you will feel like a princess!

tinybag (1)

3. Take a map! Because it’s easy to get lost in this enchanting jungle, trust me it’s quite an adventure! French, German, English, Spanish, Greek, Latin or whatever, it’s up to you!

disney map

4. Download the Disneyland app! Thanks to this, you will be able to know the queuing time in real time for the different attractions. Smartphones are here to serve a purpose, right?

disney app

5. Bring your sandwich or choose your restaurant carefully! Most of the Disney restaurants are awfully expensive and the food is not very divine. Try the Hakuna Matata restaurant. The prices of the menus are still affordable and their fries are really tasty and unique! Simba’s advice.


6. Be patient! Indeed, you will have to queue for everything: the entrance, the attractions, toilets, restaurants, shops, the list goes on! This is the price to pay unfortunately and get grumpy won’t help at all so keep cool!

patience disney

7. Take FastPass! FastPass is a line management system to reduce the waiting time for the most successful attractions. You need to scan your Disney ticket to a FastPass terminal in order to edit your FastPass. Careful, FastPass are available to specific attractions and to specific slots of time. At least, it will help you to save a precious time, go for it!


8. Go to the gifts shops when you’re done with the attractions! Like this you won’t overload your bag and will be in a better mood to do your shopping. It’s just common sense!


9. Enjoy the moment! Forget your responsibilities, let the magic embrace you, have fun! With friends, family or in couple, Disneyland is always a wonderful experience!

enjoy disney

10. Never grow up! Listen to Peter Pan, Disneyland is the only place where you can be a kid again and this is totally awesome!


Hope these tips will help you to spend an amazing time! And you, what do you think about Disneyland Paris? Do you know other survival tips? Give me your opinion in the comment field. Enjoy 😀


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