Norman on stage : an awesome one-man comedy show :)

Hello everyone!

Last week I went to see Norman on stage at La Cigale, in Paris 18. For those who don’t know him, Norman became famous on YouTube through his channel with the same name.

This French YouTuber of 27 years old created the buzz in 2010 with his first solo video called “The ping-pong Club”. Usually he is playing Mr Everybody and talks about daily life in comical sketches of 5 minutes. His most popular videos are “The bilinguals” and “The Apple Addicts”. All his videos are filmed inside his flat in Montreuil where he lives with his flatmate and his cat Sergi.

Norman also made some parodic video clips, speaking of “I have Google now “and “Luigi clashing Mario”. Totally hilarious!

His videos viewed a million times allowed him to be paid by YouTube and to draw the attention of national media. In February 2014, his YouTube channel reached more than 4 million subscribers, while all of his videos had been viewed more than 350 million times. His Facebook page has currently more than 3.5 million fans.

Norman started his tour “Norman on stage” since September 2014 in several French cities. He is on stage in Paris from the 7th of February until the 1st of March 2015.

I thought his show would be a mix of his best video sketches but not. It was more a friendly and comical exchange with his public, with allusions about his personal life and daily life situations. The aim of this tour was the discovery of his fans that he only knew on the Internet.

Seeing him in real life was a pleasant surprise. The guy is simple, authentic, very nice and funny. It was like meeting a friend.

Noman, his friend who animated the beginning of the show, was great as well.

The show was awesome, I lost track of time and wished it could last longer than one hour and a half.

Norman Thavaud has a wonderful connection with his public, I spent a stunning moment and loved the song he prepared to thank all his fans. Cause yes, he is also a singer and a musician!

Laughing is healthy, go to see him on stage, you won’t regret it! As Norman says, this is “Amazing”!


If you wanna share your opinion about Norman, his show or other comical YouTubers, the comment field is yours. Cheers 🙂






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