How to make sport inexpensive in Paris ;)

Hello people!

This year you will get back to sport, remember your New Year’s resolutions? “True but life is so expensive in Paris, I cannot afford sport anymore!”. Wrong! This is not an excuse and I’m gonna prove you that you can stay in shape and exercise without breaking your bank account! Here are my tips. Ready, steady, go!!!

1. Walking doesn’t cost anything! Take the stairs, go for a walk. There are so many beautiful places in Paris! And there are plenty stair treads in Montmartre! Let the funicular for the lazy!


2. Run! Go to Champs de Mars or in a park. Speaking of  Buttes Chaumont (Paris 19), Montsouris (Paris 14)… Jardin des Plantes (Paris 5) is nice as well! Tough guys, you can go to Vincennes wood or Boulogne woodStay alert anyway and avoid running at dawn or after nightfall!


3. Go to the swimming pool! There are plenty in Paris: 38 to be exact. Generally speaking, a ticket don’t exceed 3 euros. It depends of the different districts. Anyway, there are special discounts if you buy them by batches and if you are a student.


5. Do pumps! It’s totally free and you can do them at home.


6. Dance! You just need to put some music. Available at home, alone, with your friends, your other half, in a dance bar, whatever, you choose!


7. Bike! There are Vélibs everywhere in Paris! You can also recover your brother’s bike who has just moved, buy an inexpensive bike on or buy the exposure exercise bike of the sports store with a discount if they’re out of stock.


8. Rollerblade! There are rollers hikes organized in Paris. Have a look on the website! However you need to have a good level to attend rollers hikes, especially the ones by night. Beginners, you can practice at Jardin des Tuileries or Trocadéro for example.


9. Go to the ice skating! The Hôtel de Ville ice skating is open until the 1st of March. It’s free if you have your own skates and costs 6 euros if you want to rent skates. Don’t forget your gloves!

Patinoire sur la Place de l'Hôtel de ville

10. There are free classes sport in Paris! Have a look on the website! Fitness, tennis, capoeira, golf, French boxing, Swedish gym and much more, it’s up to you!

paris friendly

Hope these tips will convince you to get back into sport. If you wanna share your ideas, do it in the comments field. Have a good workout! 🙂


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