How to survive Valentine ;)

Hello sweethearts!

Today is dedicated to love! Like every year, it’s Valentine’s day! Whether you are single or in a relationship, here are my tips to spend a lovely day!

1. Avoid the restaurants! There will all be overcrowded and if you didn’t make a reservation, it’s hopeless. More importantly, you won’t have any privacy, lost in the middle of a thousand and one other couples. And if you are single, this could be a very depressing and awkward situation!


2. Stay at home. What could be more pleasant than a tasty dinner made by yourself? Moreover, you will save money. Take-away and DVDs can be a solution as well but please, don’t order Mc Donald’s! You know that you’re worth better than that!


3. Keep it simple. What’s the point to spend 3 hours in the kitchen? You will wait too long to eat and the atmosphere will be broken. Yes, because we get grumpy when we’re hungry! If you want a piece of advice, don’t cook too much if you don’t want to explode or fall asleep! Remember that chocolate will always make you happy: it’s full of endorphines and has an aphrodisiac power. What more could you ask for?


4. Treat the details: couples, choose a nice playlist, prepare a beautiful table, dim the light or put some candles. Be careful: it’s good to rekindle the flame but don’t put fire in your house! Don’t turn a daydream into a nightmare!


5. Single people, don’t stay alone! Invite your single friends to party. Girls night or dudes night can be fun! 

girls night

6. Stop putting the squeeze on yourself, it’s not a competition or a TV reality show! A mountain of gifts will not prove the strength of your love. But a small gift is always appreciated if it’s sincere. However, this is not a reason to be stingy! Girls still like gifts!

no competition

7. Be yourself! You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Playing a part won’t make you happier or more loved.

stay yourself

8. Dress yourself up! It will always please your other half. Single people, don’t stay in your pyjamas! You never know what can happen…


9. Express your feelings before it’s too late. Love is not only dedicated to lovers. Tell your friends and family that you love them, it will warm your heart!


10.Wrap it up and enjoy the moment, we live only once.


The most important is to be with people you care about. And this is the most beautiful gift you can have.

And you, what do you think about Valentine? Do you think that it’s a commercial celebration or a true occasion to express your love? Give me your opinion in the comment space!

Hugs 🙂



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