Supersititions : How to survive Friday 13th

Be careful people!

The fateful day has finally arrived! No, it’s not the end of the world, it’s just Friday 13th! 13?! Mayday, mayday, mayday… Calm down, deep breath, I’m gonna give you the survival kit to overcome this special day. You will be safe, I promise!

1. Stop seeing the glass as half-empty and start to see the glass half full! Friday 13th is not necessarily synonym of bad luck. Today might be your lucky day as well! Why don’t you buy an Euromillion ticket?


2. Get yourself a lucky charm (or more), there are many, trust me: a scale of 13 bars, a 4-leaf clover (good luck to dig all the green spaces of Paris), a horseshoe (quite difficult to find in the city), a rabbit’s foot (a bit creepy I conceive) or a Hindu bracelet (did someone go to India recently?).


3. Know how to recognize a situation that brings luck like: tossing a coin in a fountain (only works for the Trevi fountain in Rome), seeing a shooting star (sorry, there is no star in Paris!), fingers crossed (don’t forget the toes!), touching wood to ward off bad luck, seeing a rainbow (not easy to have sun AND rain at the same time), number 7 (my favourite one) or seeing a ladybug (the only insect that I’m no afraid of).


4. Avoid anything that brings misfortune like: seeing a black cat at the edge of a village (keep cool, we’re in Paris!), walking under a ladder (yes, even that scale of 13 bars), opening an umbrella inside a room (wear a hood, things will get better), spilling salt, putting the bread upside (eat brioche! Marie-Antoinette’s advise), losing or breaking your alliance ring (just don’t get married or engaged, problem solved!), avoiding table for 13 (the Last supper, ring a bell?), toasting without looking into the eyes of the other, breaking a mirror (7 years of misery), the list goes on…


5. Act as if it was a day like any other: fear breeds fear, you know it!


6. If you have paraskevidekatriaphobia (morbid fear of Friday 13th), I cannot do anything for you, sorry! You have to live with it, just like Stephen King.


Hope these tips will save your life. Are you a supersticious person? If so, do you know other superstitions? Tell me everything in the comment space. Good luck! 🙂



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