La Famille Bélier review

Hello movie fans!

Today I would like to talk about a movie that really touched my heart. Usually I’m not a huge fan of French movies but this one made my day. How would you feel if you were the only one who can hear and talk in a family of deaf people? How would you tell your parents something they cannot understand? Here is my review of La Famille Bélier!

La Famille Bélier is a French dramatic comedy realized by Eric Lartigau, with Louane Emera, Karin Viard, François Damiens and Eric Elmosnino. Lucas Gelberg who plays the heroin’s brother is also deaf in real life. Released since last November, the film was so sucessful that it’s still broadcasted in the theaters!

famille bélier

I would like to praise the prowess of Karin Viard and François Damiens for their parts of deaf parents interpreted with accuracy, tenderness and emotion. Indeed, speaking without words and only with gestures is a beautiful achievement, even if some scenes are a little too much caricatural. After all, we are also watching a comedy!

The movie is full of emotion, we go litterally from laughter to tears! The scenerery is soothing and refreshing because the story is set in the countryside, in a family of farmers who are cheese producers. What is touching in this film is that the roles are reversed. Parents are dependent of their daughter who has to assume the role of head of household and interpreter for all daily life situations : the market, the doctor’s appointement, the meetings with neighbors… We can only empathize with the heroin Paula, who has to mature precociously to support the needs of her family, while having to face the worries of adolescence: birth of love, rebellion, jealousy, rivalries, lack of confidence, uncertainties over the future and flight to adulthood.


This is also a musical movie which revisits the classic French songs of Michel Sardou. I’m not a fan of this singer but Louane Emera gives them a new freshness with her beautiful voice. Do you know that she was semi-finalist of The Voice TV show in 2013? This is how she drew the attention of Eric Lartigau who decided to give her the main part of his film.

The only downside: we always come back to the cliché that Paris is the city where everything is possible! But hey, it’s rather flattering to us, right?

Anyway, go for it, you will have a good time while being aware of disability issues.

If you want to share your opinion about La Famille Bélier or handicap, the comment space is yours! 🙂


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