10 Parisian clichés : True or False ?

Hi comrades!

As you know, there are a lot of stereotypes about Paris and Parisian people.  How to sort out fact from fiction? Don’t worry, as an authentic Parisian, I will help you to know the truth 😉

1. Parisian stink and are dirty: It depends. In my case, I like strawberry fragrance and I have a shower every day. However, maybe shower, deodorant and perfume are an option for some people :p


2. Parisian are stressed: True! You would understand if you had to take this awful metro every morning! It also works for cars. Driving in Paris is so dangerous and turns you into a madman! Gosh, I hate traffic jam!!! :O


3. Paris despices province: True! But province despices Paris as well! “Ah, those Provincial!” “Ah, those Parisian!”

becassine à paris

4. Parisian are rich: only true for a minority. Everyone does not live uptown. Have you seen the price of rents? Homeless people in the metro?


5. Parisian are playboys: true and false. Playboys are everywhere. Strangers, never say “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?” to a Parisian if you don’t want to be slapped!


6. Parisian are elegant: True! Paris is the capital of fashion. Dior, Chanel, Hermès, Saint-Laurent…ring a bell?


7. Parisian are grumpy: True! They love complaining about the weather, the price of rents, restaurant service, the queue, crisis, traffic…it will never stop!


8. Parisian love going on strike: True! Teachers strike, railway strike, doctors strike, student strike…  You got it, the list goes on!


9. Parisian wear a beret and eat baguette all the time: False! There are not a lot of people wearing a beret here. Ok, we have good baguettes in Paris (try the baguettes of Eric Kayser bakery!) but we also eat sliced bread, country bread, sesame bread, pain au chocolat, cheese, sausage, chocolate, pizza, foie gras, everything :p


10. Paris is a museum city: True! Speaking of the Louvre, Orsay Museum, Quai Branly Museum, Palace of Fine Arts, Musée Grévin and so on, Paris is full of cultural wealth!


Despite its bad sides, even if we always complain about Paris, Paris is beautiful. Je t’aime Paris!

If you wanna talk about other Parisian clichés, feel free to use the comment space. Bon week-end et à demain! 🙂


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