Monopoly : when the winning box turns into a golden ticket !

Hello there !

Guess what I read in Metronews this morning? 20,580 euros. This is the jackpot amount that a lucky someone may win if he or she buys the unique Monopoly box containing real banknotes! Oh. My. God. What’s the occasion? This amazing operation has been launched to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Hasbro’s famous game! Should I take a chance? There is only one winning box and 30,000 boxes for sales… It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack!

However, says that among the Monopoly boxes stamped “special birthday”, 69 boxes have an envelop containing 150 euros in cash, 10 others offer 300 euros, while a single box contains the equivalent notes of a Classic Monopoly game, I mean the 20,580 euros! So…even if I don’t get the jackpot, I can still have a chance to win 150 or 300 euros! Game on!

You know, I’m not the kind of person who takes risks easily but sometimes I can feel really audacious and enjoy gambling. And to be honest, this feels a bit like a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory adventure! 🙂

Step one: I start in the toy store near my place.

It’s weird, the store is almost empty. And there is not a single box of Monopoly here! I notice a guy in black who is also looking around. Is he here for the same purpose? I bet he is! Let’s ask the vendor. “Excuse me sir, do you have Monopoly boxes?” (Try to look innocent!)  “You mean, the new edition?” (Here we are!) “Yes!” “Sorry, they are not on the shelves yet”, he says with a devious smile. (Maybe he wants to keep the jackpot for himself!) Fine. I’ll go somewhere else.

Step 2: I rush into the Fnac store in the shopping center next door.

Kids department. There are only 4 boxes but I’m not sure if they are the right ones. It’s written “Monopoly to customize”. Never heard about it. Maybe it’s new! But how to know? Thankfully, smartphones exist. I find a picture of the new Monopoly edition “in euros” on Amazon! This edition came out on the 30th of January! Already?! But the article of was published yesterday! And you dare to call that on-line information?! Keep cool. I don’t think anybody won yet, they would talk about it in the media for sure! Hopefully, I didn’t buy any of the “Monopoly to customize”! They are not even part of the special operation! Fatal error avoided.

Step 3: I go to another district. Where? That’s a secret I’ll never tell!

In the metro, I have difficulty to control my temper, I’m feeling so impatient! What if I win? What would I do with 20,580 euros? It’s like 10 months of salary! I’m so excited that I’m running at the entrance of the shopping center. “Stop, young lady! Vigipirate control! You’re not allowed to run away! Show me your bag!” Finally I’m here, in another toy shop. This is a big one so I’m sure they have Monopoly boxes! My intuition guides me straight to the board games department. And…surprise!


The Hasbro operation is not only available on the Monopoly new edition, but also on Monopoly Junior, Monopoly Empire, Electronic Monopoly… What should I do? More important, what should I choose? Let’s bet on the “special 80 years of Monopoly” boxes! If I was Hasbro, I would put real notes in some of them! I don’t think Monopoly for kids is relevant. Why would a company offer real money to children?? There are at least 5 boxes of the 80 years edition. I can reach one but the others are far behind, as if the vendors wanted to keep them for themselves! Oh gosh, I’m not tall enough with my 167 centimeters. I try to jump like a kid. Failed. Oh wait, there is a ladder here! But it is reserved to employees… Never mind, I move the ladder and climb it to reach the precious Monopoly boxes. But again, which one to choose? Liberation newspaper liberated a clue: the lucky boxes should be a little bit heavier and swollen. I try to compare but they are basically all the same. So let’s just pick one and pay. “Do you need wrapping paper, miss?” “Nooo, thanks.” (It’s for me! I’m not crazy enough to give the jackpot to someone else!)

Step 4: Home, sweet home.

Mission accomplished, yeah! With feverish hands, I tear the plastic film. Guess the rest? I WON! Yes, there were banknotes in the box! All fake of course, to play. For a moment, I believed I could win. Not the jackpot but maybe one of the 150 or 300 euros envelops. But even if I wasn’t lucky, it was worth the hunt. What an adventure! Isn’t Paris exciting? I may have lost 37.50 euros but I had fun and won a new game. And it’s a Parisian edition! Priceless. Will be perfect for my next board games dinner. The fortune cookie I ate this morning was telling the truth : “You build your own fortune”. I don’t think people are born with a 4-leaf clover in the mouth. You’re not lucky because you have luck, you are lucky because you provoke chance. If you want to earn money, just work, that’s the secret.


What about you? Are you a Monopoly fan? What would you do with 20,580 euros? Feel free to answer in the comment space and see you tomorrow for a new adventure!

xoxo 🙂


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