It’s Candlemas Day ! No more excuse not to eat crepes ! :p

Hello world !

Hope you’re hungry because today we are celebrating “Chandeleur” (yes, sounds like Chandler Bing in Friends TV show) !

Do you know the meaning of this celebration ? Let’s go through history to understand its origins…

Chandeleur is celebrated on the 2nd of February, 40 days after Christmas.

Originally, at the Romans period, it was a festival in honor of the god Pan.  All night, the believers ran through the streets of Rome, waving torches. In 492, Pope Gelasius the First decided to christianize this festival which will become the celebration of Jesus’presentation to the temple. Then, people organized candlelight processions on Candlemas Day. Every believer had to recover a candle in the church and bring it home without blowing it out, in order to not die during the year.

Meanwhile, another tradition was born : making crepes. This tradition refers to an ancient myth : if we did not make pancakes on Candlemas Day, wheat would be rotten for the year.

Whatever the weather today, do not hesitate to make crepes ! Despite proverbs an maxims, you will have a great time making them and eat them !

Too lazy to cook ? No problem, I know the best pancake restaurant in Paris !

According to, “La crêperie Josselin” is in the top 5 of the best parisian creperies.

crêperie Josselin

Located in Montparnasse district in Paris 14, the Josselin will make you want to come back again and again, as if you were having a nice vacation in Brittany. The decor is traditionnal with old-fashioned wooden interiors, Bigouden portraits on the walls and a mosaic of the castle of Josselin. The restaurant is regularly crowded during the week and week-end but once inside, you will not regret your choice and will be enchanted by this warm and friendly atmosphere, the kindness of the owner and the waiters, and of course the delicious taste of their divine crepes, crispy and fluffy at the same time, and baked with generous butter ! Dear food lovers, if you want an advise, order your crepe in the “couple” size to have a bigger one ! If you’re not brave enough, take a “simple” size but you have to mention it to the waiter.

My favourite one is the “Maraîchère”, made with spinach, egg, crispy bacon and cheese, so yummy ! And a “Carnac” crepe for dessert with toffee, vanilla ice cream and almonds ! :p Don’t worry, there is something for every taste ! 😉

Here is the address of this little heaven : 67 boulevard du Montparnasse 75014 Paris

Don’t say I did not warn you : once you’ve tried it, you’ll become addicted !

Feel free to share your opinions about Chandeleur, crepes and the Josselin. Bon appétit ! 😀


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