The Praise of Paris in 10 quotes

Do you like quotes ?

These 10 authentic quotes will make you want to live in Paris.

1. Paris is healthy : “Breathing Paris preserves the soul” (Victor Hugo)

victor hugo

2. Paris is the place to party : “Paris is a celebration” (Ernest Hemingway)

ernest hemingway

3. Paris is romantic : “The heart of Paris is a flower. A loving flower so pretty that you keep it in your heart, that you love for life.” (Charles Trenet)

charles trenet

4. You can’t live without Paris : “Life is Paris! Paris is life!” (Marie Bashkirtseff)

marie bashkirtseff

5. Need a fresh start ? Go to Paris : “Everything begins in Paris” (Nancy Spain)

nancy spain

6. See life differently : “Being Parisian is not to be born in Paris, it is to reborn there” (Sacha Guitry)

sacha guitry

7. Parisian girls are legendary : “The Parisian is a legend, so she exists more than the other women, and that for eternity” (Amélie Nothomb)

amélie nothomb

8. Paris is paradise : “Paris is the capital of the divine temptations” (Zoé Valdés)

zoé valdés

9. Paris is beautiful : “I came to Paris, this divine city without god. We can’t describe this, we must see how much beauty, how many beautiful things there are here, in the center of the world” (Bela Bartok)

bela bartok

10. Paris is French culture : “Paris is properly speaking all France” (Heinrich Heine)

heinrich heine

Then, are you convinced ?

If so, what are you waiting for to move on in Paris ?

If not, you can still shine in society using these sparkling quotes 🙂


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